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Grocery Run

Grocery Run

Jared's Videos

Please note: all projects produced at USC School of Cinematic Arts are copyright of USC and cannot be posted publicly.
Please contact me about any project in the filmography below and I can provide a private link.

Provenance (2022, 1st AD) *drama series winner at the 42nd College Television Awards
The Measure of a Man (2022, 1st AD)
Cheol (2022, 1st AD)
A Karaoke Space Odyssey (2022, 1st AD)
Fili (2022, 1st AD)
The Juice (2022, 1st AD)
Renacer (2022, 1st AD)
Eclipse Chasers (2023, 1st AD) *in post-production

Two Breaths (2023, 1st AD) *in post-production
The Man from Lubbock (2023, 1st AD) *in post-production
A Thousand Years (2023, 1st AD) *in post-production

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