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Grocery Run

Grocery Run

Jared's Videos

Please note: all projects produced at USC School of Cinematic Arts are copyright of USC and cannot be posted publicly.
Please contact me about any project in the filmography below and I can provide a private link.

Provenance (2022, 1st AD) *drama series winner at the 42nd College Television Awards
The Measure of a Man (2022, 1st AD)
Cheol (2022, 1st AD)
A Karaoke Space Odyssey (2022, 1st AD)
Fili (2022, 1st AD)
The Juice (2022, 1st AD)
Renacer (2022, 1st AD)
Eclipse Chasers (2023, 1st AD)

The Man from Lubbock (2023, 1st AD)

Two Breaths (2023, 1st AD)

Mr. Floof (2023, 1st AD)

A Thousand Years (2023, 1st AD) *in post-production

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